RnLK Company

RnLk Cosmetic Company We are Import and Export Korean brand cosmetic, Manufacturing OEM / ODM such as famous Cosmetic, Nutrition, Whitening Cream, Make up and Beauty Product from South Korea. Our Factory was established with purpose to produce quality of cosmetic followed by customer's needs, fast shipment service, and customer are able to be satistified. So our customer always trust and satistify our company service very well. Our company also develop new product with quality and new innovation for support customer's needs on the present and in the future. 

Customer who want to have cosmetic business and own brand by made in korea. Your dream come true with RnLK cosmetic marketing and consulting team. We have one stop survice to manage everything for you from begining item to marketing products until product in your hand. Just come to contact us for more information. Consulting for FREE. Our company always welcome you.

Cosmetic Manufacturing Process

Packing Process

Container Sample

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화장품 모델 나선 피겨퀸 연아, 결점제로 피부 뽐내 잇츠스킨, 김연아와 함께한 첫 TV CF 온에어

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